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Simplify Your Skincare Routine

Society is fascinated, often consumed with looking younger. In an attempt to press the reverse button on the aging effects of time, seemingly overnight, many have become skin care enthusiasts. Among Instagram, Twitter, various social media platforms, fashion magazines and even The New Yorker,  women discuss their meticulous skin care routines and their continuous quest for the holy grail of anti-aging products.

The application of a long line of products is the recommendation of nearly every skin care company. The more products they sell you, the more profit they make. There is one process called the 10-step Korean beauty routine. It involves layering a multitude of products onto the skin, including serums, emulsions, essences, sheet masks, eye creams, and more purposed to defy time and gravity. There is no denying the impracticality and burden of cumbersome routines. The associated costs and labor-intensive aspects are truly daunting. 

Why a Minimalist, Simple Skin Care Routine is Best

Three significant factors drive the growing minimalist skin care trend. The first  regards practicality: People are frustrated with having to buy so many different products. A multi-step skin care routine will take a toll on your personal finances. In fact, Statista shared that 1.66 million Americans spend $500 or more on skincare products. Obviously, a simplified skin care routine places money back into your pocket.

Secondly, there is valuable time wasted with applying and layering one product after another. A minimalist skin care routine has the clear benefit of saving you precious time. A quick and easy skin care routine enables you to divert precious minutes to other needs including more beauty sleep. 

Lastly, dissatisfaction and disillusionment about skin care processes is another factor. If you are guilty of thinking, "If all these products can't improve my skin, then it must be my skin's fault," you’re not alone.  And NO, it’s not you!  If a routine does not achieve your desired anti-aging results, applying more products is not the answer and often creates undue stress and irritation to your skin. Instead, switching to a simpler, more targeted regimen should be the logical approach. 

If you can't be burdened by multi-step routines, Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pads can dramatically minimize your time in front of the mirror and provide breathtaking anti-aging benefits.

Introducing the Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pads: Finally A Simple Skin Care Routine that’s affordable and actually Works!

Impress Anti-aging facial pads

Say goodbye to tedious skin care routines that require the purchase of an expensive line of products. Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pads eliminate time consuming complicated routines forever! This revolutionary concept offers multiple products solutions from a single container, addressing all of the primary skin aging issues. Additionally, the Impress® line is sulfate-, paraben-, and cruelty-free.

What Makes Impress® Superior to Other Anti-Aging Products?

Nearly all skin care companies market a long line of products, promising to deliver revolutionary anti-aging benefits. Many of these lines produce results, but at great and often unnecessary expense. Other lines don’t deliver on the promises of youth in a bottle. Result: your bathroom vanity grows and grows with lots of half used products. We call this Vanity Insanity! At Rx Skin Clinic (Scottsdale, Arizona), we have evaluated the body of world-wide peer reviewed published research that clearly identifies what the three most clinically proven substances are to improve fine lines, texture, wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven coloration and other signs of aging. These substances are RetinoidsHydroxy Acids, and Antioxidants. To provide a simple effective solution to Vanity Insanity, we have created a delivery system that makes sense. We strategically placed these proven powerhouse anti-agers onto separately sealed cotton pads that are then arranged in a single container according to the optimal order of application. With Impress, all of your anti-aging products are in one convenient box. The cost is a fraction of the average cost of buying these products separately! The convenience is you only have to apply one of the three formulated pads per day. It’s always the top pad in your prearranged box of pads. For example, one day you are performing a brightening Hydroxy Acid peel; another day you are lifting and firming with your Retinoid pad. There simply is no more convenient anti-aging routine than the Impress® Anti-Aging Facial pads process! The individually sealed pads assure freshness and protect against contaminants common to products in jars, tubes and bottles. 

3 Anti-Aging Facial Pads Benefit Your Skin

(1) Peel and Brightening Hydroxy Acids Pad 

Results are similar to an expensive microdermabrasion treatment or professional salon peel in one facial pad. Simply wipe the pad over your face, neck and décolletage to gently exfoliate dead skin and allow the rehydrating power of Cactus Flower Extract to reveal the fresh new glowing skin cells beneath. By dissolving away the surface layer of dead skin cells, Peel & Brighten prepares the pathway for new stem cells to emerge for the most optimal bright complexion. 

(2) Soothe & Shelter Antioxidant Pad

Encourages and maintains the natural glow and resilience of healthy, younger-looking skin. These deeply refreshing pads are infused with powerful antioxidants to protect the many layers of your beautifully rejuvenated skin from free radical and environmental damage and premature aging. They also calm and soothe the skin balancing the aggressive effects of the anti-aging Peel & Brighten and Uplifting and Firming pads. 

(3) Uplifting & Firming Retinoid Pad

There is no topical substance that stimulates the growth and production of collagen cells more effectively than Retinoids. Collagen production is stimulated to youthful levels to lift and firm sagging skin. Powerful retinoids combine with the healing properties of Prickly Pear extract completing your complexion’s transformation. Lift & Firm stimulates collagen growth thereby returning firm reinforcement to limp unsupported skin with lasting results. With regular use, Lift & Firm also evens out surface discoloration and brown spots.

Why Desert Botanicals?

In addition to our core anti-aging ingredients Hydroxy Acids, Antioxidants & Retinoids, The Impress® line incorporates a blend of extracts from plants found within the Sonoran Desert of the Southwestern United States, including prickly pears and cactus flowers. Desert plants have evolved sophisticated ecosystems that enable them to more efficiently maintain a moisture barrier while resisting the damaging effects of intense sun exposure and UV radiation. By incorporating desert botanicals critical to fostering life in this arid land, we have unlocked nature's secret code for nourished vital skin regardless of environmental circumstances. 

These desert-based plant botanicals are also rich in antioxidants. But these aren't just any antioxidants: They are rare and potent antioxidants known as betalains. The prickly pear cactus fruit contains 24 of the known betalains (which is double the amount that beets contain, to put it in perspective). These betalains are responsible for beauty benefits like an added glow to the skin and reduced under-eye puffiness.

By incorporating the most proven anti-aging vehicles and skin-rejuvenating desert botanicals into one product, we have eliminated multiple application steps that deliver compelling youthful, radiant skin.

What You Get with Each Purchase

Your four-week supply of Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pads includes 28 pads with our three unique formulas for 28 days of application. Organized in a single box, the pads are conveniently arranged in the exact order you should apply them.

How to Use the Product

As mentioned, the facial pads are stacked in a specific order from top to bottom. Once each day, follow this effortless three-step guide:

  • Step 1: Take the top pad from your Impress® container.
  • Step 2: Separate the saturated pad from the packet.
  • Step 3: Apply the pad over your clean, dry skin (avoiding contact with eye areas).

The Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pad Program is ideal for all skin types. However, if you have sensitive skin, we recommend neutralizing the Peel & Brighten Hydroxy Acid pad with Impress® Moisturizer 5 to 10 minutes after application. The Peel & Brighten pad functions similarly to a professional peel, which delivers bright luminous skin in a few minutes after application.  

Results That "Impress"

You may review our Before and After photos here to see the beautiful, dramatic results of our Impress® line. There is no simpler, more affordable and more effective way to press the reverse button on aging skin than Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pads!

About Impress Skincare

Rx Skin — a medical skincare clinic based in Scottsdale, Arizona — is the parent company behind Impress Skincare. Since we started over 25 years ago, our clients have expressed many of the same skin concerns. Aging, especially the premature kind, is a common issue. We have been asked whether using several different products can diminish wrinkles; if spending more money is equivalent to better results; and which product achieves the best outcome. To provide an accurate answer, we went on a mission to develop anti-aging products using the most clinically proven ingredients. The Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pad Program is one of our many breakthroughs, which checks off our clients' mentioned concerns. It's practical, cost-friendly, and effective.