Written Testimonials From Our Customers

"Hi Rob, I just picked up my second supply of the RX Skin Clinic Daily Pads and couldn’t be happier with the product.  I have tried all the usual suspects in skin treatment, Obagi, Kinerase, Dermalogica, and the list goes on.  The results were always the same, the product worked for a few weeks then my skin became non responsive.  However, with the daily pads I am in my fourth month and my skin still feels great.  I use the Pads on my neck and hands as well with great results. Not only do the Daily Pads work better than the other products, they are less expensive and require less steps than a typical regimen."

Thank you, Rhonda K.
Scottsdale, AZ

"AMAZING... simple, quick and EFFECTIVE!! My skin glows after using these pads for only 3 weeks. SIMPLE: It is so easy because you take the top pad each day so you don't have to think, "Did I do a peel yesterday or was that 2 days ago?" Its all set up in order for the perfect skin care regimen.
Traci C.

"Easy and Effective I love the Impress anti aging facial pads. We have our grandson in the evenings; in the rush to get the home work done, the reading done, I just grab the next in line pad and I've off to read level two books. Great for traveling but more importantly, my skin looks so much better and I no longer have to search for the 'perfect' product...it's already in my bathroom cabinet.
Mary M.

"I have used thousands of dollars of products in-store and online and this is the only product I can see results..along with my friends who can also see results. All the dark marks on my face have faded and the fine lines are going away."
Concho, AZ.

"Whether I'm at home or traveling, I love the Impress Anti-Aging Facial Pads. I'm 62 years old and still hadn't found a facial product and program I liked and have stuck with. I now use the Impress Anti-aging pads daily and really love them.

"I am just starting my third month [using the Impress Facial Pads] and I tell you [that] you can sure see the difference. My friend and I both love it. Thank you for a product that really works.
Barbara Concho, AZ.

"These Pads work! This is the best facial product I have ever used! I have been using these pads for a couple of years now and I will never use anything else ever again! Simple, convenient, and they work! I am 55 years old and am frequently told I look a lot younger than I am. How can you not like that??? Don't waste any more money on other products. Get these pads!
Jill M.

"I will be 78 October 28. When I heard about the [facial pads] on TV I was skeptical. I thought the price was reasonable so I gave it a try. I could tell a difference in two weeks. [The pads] are so easy to apply. Instructions are easy to follow. The most important factor - you get results! Your skin glows, removes dark spots, wrinkles disappear, makeup stays on all day and you receive complements.
Kennedale, TX.

"I first purchased Impress Facial Pads 7 weeks ago. The daily routine is so easy, cleanse your face, use your pad and then moisturize. What is so amazing are the results. I find my skin looks good, firmer, lines diminishing and a smoother, soft finish. I could not be happier with the results in such a short period of time.
Joan S.
Gilbert, AZ.

"I love my facial pads! They are truly easy to use...my skin looks and feels younger and people have noticed the difference. I highly recommend the Pads for anyone who wants an easy daily routine with remarkable results.
Rhonda L.
Scottsdale, AZ.

"I have been using your product [Impress Facial Pads] for three months and I absolutely love it! I previously used Obagi which I did like but it was time consuming since there were so many steps and drying in between. I want to spend the least amount of time but I [also] want the best results. This is why I love your pads. It is so quick and easy. My skin looks great - age spots gone and wrinkles much less visible. Thank you so much again for such a great product.
Helen F.
Phoenix, AZ.

"I love your [facial pads] system. Never before has my skin looked better... the pads are so easy to use. My skin care regimen is quick, easy and the results are incredible. My skin is tone and bright and my fine lines continue to fade away. It looks like my skin has taken an exotic vacation. Living in New York City, my skin is exposed to harsh conditions and since using the [facial rounds] system my friends have noticed how my skin is glowing. Your pads are cost effective and amazing! You have a customer for life.
Patrice F.
New York, NY.

"Five years ago I turned thirty five and accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in one of those high-intense magnifying mirrors and needed a sedative. Since then I have been on a quest...to repair the dehydrated , sun spotted, self-inflicted damage from too much tanning and neglect...buying anything and everything that ended up empty on promise until I came across the real deal [Impress Facial Pads]…skeptical that these three simple pads would be everything promised. By day three, I was stunned by the quick result. I look better now than I did at twenty-five. I had achieved these results without a doctor's knife. Thank you for my flawless, new, beautiful skin. Bless you!
C. Sandoval
New York, NY

"I can really notice a great difference in my skin. My skin feels so soft and deep wrinkles around my mouth have really improved. The pads have been so easy to apply and work so well in my daily routine. We recently returned from a cruise and they had an "age guessing game" aboard the ship. They guessed my age 14 years younger than I am! I attribute this to the overall effectiveness of the Impress Facial Rounds that I use daily.
Liz C.
Mesa, AZ.

"I learned of your excellent product "Impress Facial Pads" on TV. I am 63 and I see a noticeable difference in my skin, it is much tighter and smoother. Amazing, I am sold on your product after just a few months. I told my friend about your product and she is now using it also.
Becky C.
Henderson, NV.

"I heard about Impress Facial Pads in the news. I started using them 7-8 weeks ago. Within one week, I could already see a difference. Now my skin glows and appears much younger and more hydrated. I sometimes don't even wear foundation make-up. Prior to using the pads, I put foundation on every morning! My friends remark I look good or I look healthy. My skin definitely looks and feels younger, and on top of that, the pads are very easy to use."
Judy W.
Prescott, AZ.

Dear Robb, I know that I was a very hesitant and disbelieving client when I first walked into the clinic in May of this year. You were so patient explaining to me just how the photo facial and the skin products worked. And, you were right! The results of the photo facial have far exceeded my expectations. My dull, brown-spotted complexion looks bright and fresh again. Even my husband has noticed and gives me compliments. My new complexion has given me back the confidence and self-esteem that I thought were gone for good.

The products, Impress Facial Pads, Impress Foaming Cleanser, Prime Shade and Impress Moisturizer are absolutely worthy of praise as well. I have had problems with sensitive skin that has allergic response to all skin products that I have used previously. But, not this time. I have been using all of the products now for over three months and still enjoy the feel, smell (or lack of smell) and the results that come with absolutely no allergic response.

Thanks so much to you and the other staff at the clinic. You all deliver amazing customer service along with amazing services and products. See you soon. Best Regards,
Barbara Montrose
Tucson, AZ