About The Team

Robert and Janie Mazurek, owners of Rx Skin Clinic, in Scottsdale, Arizona, have seen many different skincare lines, products and promises in their 25+ year history.

It is because of their keen focus on changing technology and trends, that this amazing husband and wife team were able to think outside the box and create a simple daily process that was to become the platform for a very unique anti-aging skincare system.

Introducing Impress. A simple, affordable, results-driven, one-minute, anti-aging skin care system that makes it look as if you spent hours on your skin. With Impress®, the hassle of a lengthy skincare routine is a thing of the past.

3 individual formulas are each placed on 3 separate pads that are then pre-arranged in the order you use them. No thought, Once each day, simply remove the top pad from the box, apply it, and toss it. It’s that simple to naturally take years off your appearance. Impress is easy, affordable & best of all Impress applies the most clinically proven ingredients that work!