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The Skincare Revolution Secret Is Simple: 4 Products

Ever wonder why virtually every skin care company expects you to buy and apply a multitude of products? Lots of products mean lots of application time in front of the mirror. Purchasing lots of products also means lots of costs for you and lots of profit for the skin care company. At Impress® we created a movement away from the traditional approach to skin care with a keen focus on effortless and affordable results.

Our departure from expensive burdensome routines began with researching the research. In other words, we had to determine what is most proven by clinical science to anti-age your skin and thereby, eliminate products you don't need. The collective published science overwhelmingly shows the need to apply three primary substances that most effectively anti-age skin.

They are:

(1) Retinoids (Even Coloration; Lift & Firm Sagging Skin)

(2) Hydroxy Acids (Exfoliate, Brighten & Rejuvenate)

(3) Anti-oxidants (Soothe & Shelter Healthy Skin Cells).

Our next task was to devise a system to get these three most powerful anti-agers into your skin easily and affordably.

The most simple affordable anti-aging system that evens coloration, smooths texture and lifts & firms sagging skin. Each of our three formulations (containing (1) Retinoids, (2) Hydroxy Acids & (3) Anti-oxidants) is injected into a cotton pad and then individually sealed inside a packet. The packets are then arranged and stacked in a box in the order you apply them. Every day one of the three different pads appears at the top of the stack of pads. Just lift the top packet from the box of Impress® Facial Pads. Remove and apply the pad to your skin. Remember to also apply to your neck, chest, and hands. Anti-aging is not just for your face. You only need to apply one of the three formulated pads daily. It’s always the top pad. Great skin results have never been easier! With Impress®, lengthy expensive routines are truly a thing of the past.