The Skinimalism Trend - Impress Skincare

The Skinimalism Trend

The recent pandemic has impacted skin care consumer consumption and behavior as consumers streamlined their routines, embracing the skin minimalism or “Skinimalism” trend.

Skinimalism refers to minimizing the number of products to achieve healthy, natural looking youthful skin.

Minimalism is a way for skin care consumers to take back control over their beauty by enabling them to focus on what is most important for their skin.

Consumers have a desire to go back to the basics … they want to dial it back and focus on multitasking beauty products. Spending less furthers this minimalist approach.

Impress Skincare is all about providing multitasking anti-aging products that minimize daily skin care steps resulting in saving both time and money.

Saving time and money are also concepts sustainable and friendly to the planet. Purchasing fewer products equals less packaging and waste, when opting for targeted or multifunctional products. Minimalism is an expression of greater awareness and responsibility over our sustainability footprint.

Impress AntiAging Facial Pads perfectly embrace skinimalism by providing the three most critical anti-aging components on separately sealed saturated pads. All three saturated pads are contained in three separately sealed packets and then arranged (in the order you apply them) in one convenient box. Just apply the top pad to your face, neck, chest and hands daily. One and done! Each day a different pad will appear at the top of your Impress Anti-Aging Facial Pads box.

Impress’ core of three key anti-aging ingredients, Retinoids, Hydroxy Acids & Anti-Oxidants serve to lift & firm sagging skin, even coloration and sun blemishes, smooth the texture of fine lines & pores and rejuvenate the health and vitality of your skin. These three critical ingredients have more peer reviewed published clinical proof to achieve these goals than any other substances.

All of your core anti-aging products in one convenient box! Now that’s a simple, affordable and sustainable alternative to applying a long line of daily expensive products!