TSA Friendly Skincare for Traveling - Impress Skincare

TSA Friendly Skincare for Traveling

It’s more common than ever to travel lightly, given the high costs associated with checking bags and the restrictions on liquids carried through airport security. As a result, many people choose not to travel by air with expensive creams and skin care products for fear of confiscation or the necessity to pay a fortune to check bags containing restricted liquids. If there is ever a time when your skin is stressed out, tired and dry, it’s when you’re traveling.

The Solution: Impress Anti-aging Facial Pads! Impress combines the most proven anti-aging ingredients and places them on individually sealed pads. Traveling five days? Pack five disposable pads. Who would have ever thought you could carry a week’s supply of skin care products in your wallet?

Aside from the convenience of a once / day swipe of a disposable pad, Impress will make your skin look radiant because Impress combines the ingredients most proven by medical science to reverse aging. So get out there and feel free to explore the world without sacrificing your beautiful skin!